When it comes to design/build construction,

nobody does it better.

Building Medina County since 1959

Simmons Brothers Construction is a family owned and operated business whose primary focus has been commercial, industrial and institutional construction within Medina County Ohio since 1959.

We are builders – it’s in our blood, no question. Currently the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of Simmons builders in Medina County work for SBC. We’re proud of our heritage, that of tradesmen, people skilled with their hands and adept at their craft.

We know quality because we’ve done it, and we require it of our workers.

Design/Build Construction

Simmons Brothers Construction offers an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy “Design/Build Team” that is sincerely committed to meeting your goals. This team consists of many family-owned subcontracting businesses and includes 2nd and 3rd generation tradesmen who work hand-in-hand with us daily.

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